Friday, December 9, 2011

Week-End Hook UP! - It's SHINee in Taiwan - JK - Bonus Video!

Oh babies...I have a special treat for you all this weekend ^.^
This Week-End Hook UP! is brought to you for 2 reasons.
1st a little pre-celebration "Thank You" to all our friends and fans as we approach our 1 year anniversary here on My Music Radar!
Hard to believe its been a year already right?
2nd - I was searching for "Holiday Hook-UP" videos for Christmas when I found this,
but after previewing it, there was just no way in hell I could wait till Christmas!
It's all win win for you my friends and fans! ^.~
Without further ado, here is SHINee in Taiwan,last November, on the JK show!
Oh 1 thing, its soft subbed, just a warning ^^
Make sure your  "annotations" is turned on to see the subs.
An introductory interview. This MC is so cute!^^
[ENG] [111205] 就是愛JK - SHINee專訪 | Part.1

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cr shu35151027 on youtube
NOW the fun starts! Drawing for Pearl Tea! Oh these boys >.<
So much fail! So much WIN! And Key Umma yelling at Minho! 0.0
[ENG][111205] 就是愛JK - SHINee專訪 | Part.2

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Part 3 or "Lets bully the maknae" begins!
I'm so use to seeing Taemin being spoiled! but this is funny right here!
[ENG][111205] 就是愛JK - SHINee專訪 - Part.3

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Part 4 brings more bullying of the maknae,
A 1 second song contest and "Fighting for Food!"
Don't miss the precious 2MIN moment ^^
[ENG][111205] 就是愛JK - SHINee專訪 - Part.4

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cr shu35151027 on youtube

Did you know the 'Hook-UP!' corners,
are one of my most favorite things to bring you here on MMR! ?
Now you do ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoy bring it to you ^.^
Of course many thanks to the subber!

A BTS look at the same show!
Possibly even funnier than the show itself!
111205 Just Love JK - SHINee Interview Behind the Scenes [English Subbed]

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