Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Hook-UP! SHINee on The Muzit - Subbed

Okies friends and fans, maybe you have seen this, maybe you haven't.
If you have, did you see it with subs? AND in HD? No?
Well here you go! My Holiday Hook-UP! for you on Christmas Eve!
Enjoy a lot! This is pretty much my favorite SHINee show ever!
This show is like the last of 'innocent' SHINee, right after the success of Lucifer but right before they start their solo concerts and World Wide Touring.
Taemin is just starting to singing with confidence and....well JongKey is still sweet^^
[ENG] 100814 SHINee - The Muzit Part 1/3

Uploaded by on Mar 23, 2011
This is probably my most favorite part of the show as SHINee sings a medley of 'I'm Yours, I'll be missing you and Juliette' daebak!
[ENG] 100814 SHINee - The Muzit Part 2/3

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Do you know how many songs Jonghyun has written lyrics to?
You will know now! Plus some fun time with K Will!
Oh and a touching moment between K Will and Onew^^
[ENG] 100814 SHINee - The Muzit Part 3/3

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Please DO NOT re-upload. I had this in my previous channel that YT deleted a long time ago. Just thought I'd upload it again. And this is one of my very first long video that I subbed.
English translation cr: Forever_SHINee-1st Admin @
English translation for songs cr: adilahfx, Kimmeiei, cucu0525, & shineelucifer @ YT
Subbed by: ME (SHINeeTimes3)

Did I mention Taemin with his long hair? Yaahhh 
I hope you enjoyed this Holiday Hook-UP! a LOT!

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