Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taemin Taemin Taemin its all about Taemin today! Subbed interview - To Your Heart - High Kick 3 cut subbed

Big BOY!!! All by himself these days. Nice! ^.~

111228 arirangTV Showbiz Korea - 써니 & 태민 '코알라 키드' 더빙

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[Eng sub] High Kick 3 (Taemin & Krystal full cut) 111228 720p

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Why should I post yet another video of 'To Your Heart'?
Because its THAT good! Because I can't stop watching it!
It's so nice to finally see SHINee in something more age appropriate and mature.
If they released this in Korea I have no doubt they would blow every one else away.

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111224 Thefirstshowcase - To your heart - Taemin

Something going on there with 2Min and Jongkey O.o
Are they laughing at Jjong's fierce dancing? Key's 'come hither' fingers?
Or the fact that Taemin broke another necklace?
Damn that boy is tough on accessories!  >.<
Can I just say Onews voice is giving me the chills?
So freakin good, beyond good!

Thanks to Diba for finding this Onew focus ^^

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