Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SNSD and the Dangerous Boys or "Is THIS the reality you wanted?"

THIS...this show...I'm second titling this post "Is THIS the reality you wanted?"
because I'm still not really sure if it's scripted yet, which would be the norm for most Kvariety/Reality shows. I'm sure its somewhat scripted, none the less, I think it gives a better look at the reality of what its like to be a teen in Korea than the glitzy glam picture most of us are use to seeing from Kpop.
This first episode touched me on several levels, 1st was the way the SNSD girls acknowledged what some of the boys were doing and saying and the truth of that situation.
2nd the cultural difference in how to treat and mentor the boys. Truth be told, most of the boys would be treated far differently here in the states and I dare say far more harshly.
So my hope is that those of our friends and fans who are truly interested in learning more about Korean culture will learn a lot from this show
I don't really know SNSD that well as this is usually Tara's territory, however I have seen several of the girls on different variety shows. And seeing as Tara is still having technical difficulties I will be covering this show for now.
Without further ado lets dive right in.
[ENG] 111220 SNSD and The Dangerous Boys EP01 (1/5)

[ENG] 111220 SNSD and The Dangerous Boys EP01 (2/5)

[ENG] 111220 SNSD and The Dangerous Boys EP01 (3/5)

[ENG] 111220 SNSD and The Dangerous Boys EP01 (4/5)

[ENG] 111220 SNSD and The Dangerous Boys Episode 1 Part (5/5)

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Thanks so much for the quick subs!
I must admit I am really looking forward to the next episode and in a way I guess you can count this as part of my 'Holiday Hook-UP' a few days early^^
If you want to discuss this show feel free to leave comments or look for the little green light over my name in the chatbox which means I am available for chat.
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Omg I JUST watched this a couple of hours ago! :D
    I really loved it and I also cant wait to see the next episode. I randomly stumbled upon this on yt and tbh I'm already annoyed from having to wait! OML It's like chaptered fics >___< I usually stay away unless it's complete cos I don't wanna get hooked on something that's not gonna be finished, and it's a little the same with this. I hate it when I get hooked on a show and then suddenly no one subs it anymore gaaaaaah D:

    It's the first I've seen with all the girls (forever attempting to start watching Hello Baby) but they really made me laugh - even the ones that annoy me! XD
    I might watch Hello Baby as a between-DB-eps-fix^^

    I would be surprised and/or shocked if this wasn't somewhat.."directed" but I'm holding out on final judgment until I've seen more. I think I'm a little scorned though and I don't think I'll ever believe ktv to be truly 'reality'..

  2. Agreed! I could almost see this as a predebut show for a new boy group! Still, there is a certain 'grittiness' to it that I find refreshing cause the glare of kpop glitter can get a little tiring. One can get lost in all that scripted glow that Korea would have us believe is real. I don't think so, I'm not hating...cause I really love all my babies, I just think there is another reality beyond the cameras.
    You really should try to watch Hello Baby, for me it also showed a bit more reality about SHINee because you just can't fake some of their reactions to each other and some of the situations. Especially Minho, when he pops those lovely bedroom eyes....that's some real stuff right there lol!
    I wouldn't worry about this show not being subbed, Sone's are pretty dedicated to the girls shows.

  3. Yeah, I do get the sense that Sones are a little more organized than Shawols in the subbing department /gets bricked :P

    LOL Well, you would know about new groups! :D Me, I can't keep up >.<
    Yea, I also like that it's more...less glam than usual. And like you said, there are some things you just can't fake so maybe this is as close to reality as ktv's gonna get. In any case, ESSITED 8D

    PS. Ho made bedroom eyes in HB??? O.O I should stop being so biased and widen my focal point beyond Tae XD

  4. can love more than one member ^.~