Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TEEN TOP releases MV teaser for “Driving Me Crazy” + mini-album tracklist

After impressing fans with a rebellious change in image for their second mini-album, “It’s“, TEEN TOP has returned with a music video teaser!
The 180 degree change in image from their previous color retro suits to a more masculine style was one that was welcomed by many fans, as not only had their homepage crashed for five minutes upon the photo’s release, but also topped various search portals.
T.O.P. Media updated fans with the “It’s” tracklist on December 28th, which is as follows:
02. Driving Me Crazy
03. Where’s Ma Girl
04. Girl Friend
05. Driving Me Crazy (R&B Slow mix)
06. Driving Me Crazy (Instrumental)
Check out the teaser below!
TEEN TOP 'CRAZY' (미치겠어) teaser Ⅰ(Drama ver.)

Uploaded by on Dec 28, 2011
 Source + Photos: Sports Chosun

Can't wait! Teen Top has been gone TOO long T_T
Niel's me2day photo 111229

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