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Taemin and Sunny become Koalas for Outback: Zero to Hero

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SHINee's Taemin and SNSD's Sunny transform into voice actors for animated film "The Outback"
by joAnnwashere
Maknae Taemin of SHINee and labelmate Sunny of Girls' Generation will be acting as the voices of characters in "The Outback," an upcoming animated film to be released by Lotte Entertainment. The film also goes under the name "Koala Kid: From Zero To Hero."

Taemin will be the voice behind main character Johnny, a rare white koala that finds his niche as a circus star. His fame doesn't last very long as he fades from the limelight soon afterwards. Johnny sets off from his circus life and goes on to become a hero, saving the lives of various animals in the Australian outback.

Sunny is set to voice the character of Miranda, a spunky female koala who joins Johnny in his quest. Actor Yoon Dahoon will play the villainous part of a greedy manager.

The official Twitter for the Korean adaptation of "The Outback" can be found at @KoalaKid2012.

In other news, SHINee is currently taking part in a slew of Japanese promotions, having released the digital version of their first ever Japanese album, "THE FIRST", via iTunes Japan earlier today. Girls' Generation's Sunny acts as a regular cast-member on the second season of hit Korean television show, "Invincible Youth".

Sources: Digiart Animation, Screendaily, 10asia, TV Report, KoalaKid2012, and sfinee

koala outback 2012 trailer

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What an awesome opportunity for Taemin and Sunny!
Enjoy! ^.^

What you need to know:
The Taemin and Sunny voiceover versions are for the Asian Market only.

EMIMusicJapan why you no release 'The First' on iTunesUS yet! *sobbing*

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