Wednesday, December 7, 2011

U-KISS releases full Japanese MV for 'Tick Tack' !

From the land of Japan...where everyone from Korea is these days...
However, if it means awesome music like this new UKISS release,
I don't really care WHERE they are!
Just keep bringing it on!
유키스(U-KISS) 일본데뷔싱글 Tick Tack M/V

Uploaded by on Dec 6, 2011
유키스(U-KISS) 일본데뷔싱글 Tick Tack M/V
Japan Debut Single Tick Tack M/V

UKISS babies working so hard!
Soohyun and Kevin's voices!!!

Oh and btw.....Japanese Steampunk anyone?......anyone?...meh >.>
Do you even KNOW what Steampunk is?
That's what I thought.

Steampunk Heart Brooch 2 by ~ValerianaSolaris

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