Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teen Top - Starcall - Japan Fan Meet - Twitter! Comeback soon!

So what have Teen Top been up to? Lots!
A Japan Fan meet!
[Fancam] 111219 TEEN TOP - L.Joe @ Japan Live&Talk Fan Meeting
- All I Want For Christmas Is You

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[Fancam] 111219 TEEN TOP Talk & Live in Japan

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Performing 손등이 스친다
at SHIBUYA AX in Japan
[Fancam] 111220 TEEN TOP Talk & Live in Japan ②

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Teen Top Starcall!
[Starcall] [Transcript Eng] 111211 TEEN TOP
Ricky & Changjo (스타콜 - 리키 ,창조)

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Transcript of TEEN TOP's Maknae Line Star Call:
Ricky: Hello I'm Ricky
Changjo: Yeah hello I'm Changjo!
Changjo: Regarding last week.. Wait Ricky will say this..
Ricky: Last week, there was the first snow fall
Changjo: Yeah the first snow fall. They say that if you eat the snow, your wish will come true!
Ricky: Really?
Changjo: Yeah that's why I..
Ricky(interrupts): If you eat a 100, you'll get 100 wishes?
Changjo: Ate one while running. It was a little weird
Ricky: Of course...
Changjo: And we have an important news...
Ricky: It's less than a month left!
Changjo: To what?
Changjo: Oh I see.. Really?
Ricky: I'm really looking forward to it
Changjo: So am I!
Ricky & Changjo: Hmm...
Changjo: With our well sculptured bodies..
Ricky: AH! Changjo had another growth spurt! Again!
Changjo: It happened again! To me...
Ricky: He should have stopped growing taller...
Changjo: Our bodies are growing bigger.. With a even more matured appearance... We'll be back to see you guys!
Ricky: It's really worth looking forward to this time round..
Changjo: Why?
Ricky: Because we're just cool..
Changjo: We're just cool.. no matter what we do
Ricky: Yes Yes!
Changjo: So please look forward to it! We'll always be the hardworking TEEN TOP
Changjo: WE LOVE YOU
Changjo: This has been TEEN... I mean Changjo!
Ricky: And Ricky
Ricky & Changjo: Bye!!

eng trans: oursupaluv
vdo: Rickybot_th
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Niel's Twitpic from today

Talking about their comeback!!! 
Yay!!! I miss my Teen Top babies a lot! ^.^

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