Sunday, December 11, 2011


Okies this is several days worth of AA cause I have been a little busy, but that does not mean I'm not keeping up with my newest obsessions! ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ
AA’s Aoora announces a fancafe update with a fan-service photo

On December 12th, AA member Aoora treated fans to a cute photo via Twitter and wrote, “AA’s fancafe has been re-modified“.
The photo reveals the close bond between the AA members, as Woosang, Kimchi, and Aoora lean in for a cozy shot. Their bright smiles and slight aegyo made fangirls melt, before they collected themselves to rush off to AA’s fancafe.
Netizens commented, “You guys each have your own unique characteristics“, “So good-looking~“, and “So will every announcement come with fan service shots like this? kekeke“.
In related news, the group is busy promoting their debut song, “So Crazy“.  You can check out their new and sleek fancafe here.
111121 Double A (AA) Official Fancafe Open Congratulatory Video

Uploaded by on Nov 21, 2011
Source + Photos: Newsen

YAY AA already has a subber!!!
Many many thanks Double A Subs!!!
(Double A Subs) [111108] Mnet Wide Interview BTS

Uploaded by on Dec 10, 2011
Translator: MaxRide
Editor: kim.E
Timer/Typesetter: whymin
QCer: kim.E
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AA(Double A) - Because I'm Crazy (Eng. Sub)

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Translator: ilovepocky
Editor: kim.E
Timer/Typesetter: whymin
QCer: kim.E
Encoder: kii
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This is not subbed but soooo cute!
Enjoy the eyecandy okies?
[111210] Double A (AA) - Let Me Show

Uploaded by on Dec 9, 2011

Aoora's tweet from today

No clue what the pic is about but I'm intrigued!
Enjoy! ^.^

Just found out the picture is from Inkigayo Magazine 111215

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