Saturday, December 3, 2011

Excellent Entertainment introduces upcoming boy group, “E-7″

Excellent Entertainment, the agency that brought you the Korean young boys of TAKEN are now in preparations of releasing another new idol boy group.
On December 3rd, Excellent Entertainment’s official YouTube channel uploaded an introductory video of their upcoming boy group, “E-7“. The video makes a bold statement, stating that E-7 will be one of the best boy groups in the world. The introductory video also mentions that the group will debut in early 2012 and consists of 7 members: In Seong, Kim Hyun, Hyung Min, Sang Young, Young Soo, Nam Gung, and Bok Eun.
Check out the video below.
E-7 소개영상(introduce) 1080P

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They will be a best boy group in the world.
coming soon

Hmmmm okies...guess Excellent Entertainment doesn't believe in humility.
That's quite the claim to be making.
Cause quite frankly, I wasn't all that impressed with 'Taken'
Who btw....have barely debuted themselves!
AND who Excellent Entertainment by their own admission "Their agency put the members together, but they left everything else to the boys"
Including marketing and publicity.
Just sayin......>.>

Young boy- TAKEN M/V (KOR ver.)

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테이큰 첫 타이틀곡 Young boy 뮤직비디오 입니다.
TAKEN'S the first title song 'Young boy' music video.o
TAKEN'S Twit acc
EXCELLENT entertainment's Twit acc

Maybe I'm just tooo far outside their target demographics?


  1. Lollll @ Taken and that song. Their choreography could be worse (body rolls! >.>) but that song is pretty darned bad. Who in their right mind lets a group do everything??? Craziness!

  2. The best lyric ever?
    "Everybody look this is Korean young boy"
    Really?.....Really Really?
    And I'm not even talking bad English here!
    This is what happens when they leave 6 boys alone in a practice room >.<

  3. What's your problem ...... is their first song .... and if they like or want to do what you are getting you .... flour is a valuable song ..... deki sitting in your bank and when a comment like you to work as they worked on that song!