Thursday, March 8, 2012

SHINee releases Taemin's concept teaser for Sherlock! 120308[Update-My Music Radar! Commentary]

OMG! Taemin........

Taemin....lost in a storm of starZzzzzz....
There simply are no words for his beauty T_T

Who's hands are who?

Favorite comment from the interwebz concerning SHINee's comeback concept.
Here someone wittingly has all the comeback boys talking to each other....
Exo: hey guys our 23rd teaser is out
SHINee: lol but we're having a comeback
B1A4: Same
Infinite: Same
Exo: We just made an mv!
B1A4: We've got nice hair colours
Infinite: We're being bad boys
SHINee: We're naked....

bwahahahaha...the best!...right?....o.O

Anyway, now that I have had time to breath
(Thanks to my chingu Diba for the smelling salts, and much needed support from Dasiey)
I happen to think the concept is awesome, If you don't get it,
The 'dreamy french boy' concept is being perfectly portrayed so far.
Both Minho's and Taemin's pictures could not be better at showing off the romantic aura of lounging around on a warm spring day in Paris.
All that's missing are glasses of wine and some artisan cheeses.
Make more sense to you now?
I think if the pictures were seen as drawings or paintings being done by a beret'd artist on the Left Bank in Paris, people would be buying them up like crazy!
Certainly there would be less complaints which quite frankly,
are starting to piss me off >.>
The 'netizens' better not blow this for SHINee,
due to their lack of vision and maturity!
I'm just sayin.....

BTW...THIS commentary is ALL mine.....and DOES express my opinion
aka StormofStarzZ2
Founder of My Music Radar!

Hotel rooms on the Left Bank Paris
 See it now? you morons....>.>


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