Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SHINee Onew update 120321

안녕하세요~ 온유 입니다.^^
오랜만에 여러분 앞에 서게 되었습니다^^ 으하하~
이젠 여러분과 앞으로 가는 길만 남았죠~!
모두 힘을 합쳐서 화이팅~^^ ㅎ
Hello ~ This is Onew. ^^
t’s been so long since we stood in front of you all ^^ euhaha~
What’s left now is just the road ahead with you all~!
Lets all combine our strength and hwaiting~^^ heh

Translation credits: faithstar@byulbit
Source: SHINee’s Official Site - From SHINee

Via:SHINee World Indonesia

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