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How to Support SHINee on Hanteo/Gaon Charts + Music Shows

*I have never purchased from these recommended sites myself*
*I am only providing information - Please make your own decisions*
As the Halyu Wave continues to crash ashore....
We overseas fans are no longer content to sit back and just watch videos and fangirl.
Here are some ways you can help SHINee win during their comeback for Sherlock.

[info] How to Support SHINee by Using Portal Sites
K-shawols are planning to make SHINee Sherlock a hot search word by using Korean main portal sites at the same time. This info is from shakizi.
# 16th Fri. midnight KRT: at naver for 20 minutes and then at nate for 10 minutes
17th Sat. 9 pm KRT: at naver for 20 min. and then at nate for 10 min.
18th Sun. 9 pm KRT:  at naver for 20 min. and then at nate for 10 min.
Calculate what time it is in your local time. K-shawols decided not to do search at daum. I don’t know why. They want to do it for 30 min.
#Type in (or copy & paste) (!Edit: search word changed to) 샤이니셜록 at the search box on the top of the three main portal sites: Naver (, Daum (, and nate (
#You must remove cookie after every search. There is an easy way to do this.
[For Chrome]
Click Tools at the right top –> Click options –> Click Under the Hood on the left menu –> Click Content Settings in Privacy –> Click Manage Exceptions in Cookies –> Under Hostname Pattern, type the portal site addresses ( and change Behavior to block.

Then you can just press F5 to refresh the browser after searching (!Edit: search word changed to) 샤이니셜록, and repeat Search button–F5–Search–F5 for 20 min. at naver and for 10 min. at nate.

Leave a comment if you have any questions!
*Tips for easier ways to refresh your browser:
“Firefox has an add-on called Reload Every that automatically refreshes the page every 5 seconds. It’s much easier than manually clicking F5 over and over. Just remind people to restart their browsers after installing it!” (from Lena)
“google chrome -> ctrl+shift+n It will open a new window, copy and paste at there then close and ctrl+shift+n… Its quickly and you don’t need to delete History or F5 (delete history if your history had these page before make it)” (from mạn đà la)

SHINee Sherlock was ranked 3rd on the chart of hot searchwords by young adults on Mar. 17. I think more people will search SHINee Sherlock when the music video and digital songs come out.
Source:Subbing SHINee

► Reflect Your Purchase on Hanteo/GAON Chart ◄ Support SHINee ♥

Hanteo is one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea; with updates on daily, weekly and monthly sales. Although a huge number of stores reflect hanteo sales, not all stores are included. Hanteo sales is what counts for the weekly music show award wins. GAON chart however gives a yearly sales number for the total number of albums sold (including those that may not have reflected on Hanteo chart. For yearly award shows like the Golden Disk awards, GAON sales numbers are very important. For more info click here).

* Sales towards Hanteo will only count if the CD/album was bought from a Korean store which provides data to Hanteo. So for instance, if you buy an album from a store in your country, this won't count towards the real time Hanteo sales.

The following list comprises of some of the popular online stores that reflect your purchase/pre-orders on Hanteo/Gaon charts (from what they claim). The list below was assembled to help international fans.

1) Synnara e-shop
This is a Korean site. However they do take orders from international fans. Synnara is also a huge contributor to hanteo real time data. So basically, if you buy from here, it may be the best option since other sellers buy from synnara anyway.
HOW TO ORDER ON SYNNARA: http://img189.images...nnarahowto3.jpg

: Synnara has stated that those ordering SHERLOCK albums are not going to get any invoices about their purchase info until AFTER the album is released on March 22nd. Which means, if you want your purchase to reflect on HANTEO 1st day and 1st week sales, buying from synnara may not be a good option (since the process of sending them the money & confirmation takes awhile). I suggest you guys choose another place from the list below for pre-ordering. That way, you can feel assured that your purchase will reflect 1st week sales. If you however want to help out on sales after the 1st week, then Synnara is the best option!

2) YesAsia
This website will give you free shipping if your total purchase amounts to $39USD or over. YesAsia reflects Hanteo also. Their site says daily sales are reflected on Hanteo as well as GAON. (reference)

3) DVDheaven
This site says sales reflect on hanteo’s real time chart. If their claims are true, then buying from this site can help weekly/daily sales (reference).

4) Ebay
seller --> grapemusiccd

*when you buy from Ebay, buy from sellers located in Korea, ones who buy directly from Korean stores.

This site is based in Korea and their sales reflects on Hanteo chart or so they claim.

Other popular online sites that do not accompany international fans/English speakers: yes24 and leesmusic

compiled by : paprii @ soompi | take out with proper credits
Source:compiled by : paprii @ soompi

Juju and paprii have done a lot of work so we can help SHINee win, please take a moment to click their source links and thank them.
Lets show K-Shawols how much we care about SHINee and help them win!

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