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SHINee Guerilla Date aired 120331 Now Subbed!

Ahhh Guerilla Date....the source of so much awesomeness!
Fans running through the streets calling friends cause damn! It's SHINee!
And what could be better than a little 2MIN?
JongKey arguing???
Onew's ttakbam???
Oh yes my friends and fans...its all here.
[SHINee] 120331 Guerrilla Date

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Taemin's fanboy....Taemin's allure has NO boundaries @.@
Enjoy a lot!!!


The March 31st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date‘ sat down with the boys of SHINee, who have made a comeback after a year and half.

During the segment, the members opened up and shared some hilarious stories about the members.

Key, in particular, caused the set to roar into laughter after he revealed his hidden love for makeup. SHINee’s Key was asked, “When you’re just your normal self Kim Ki Bum (Key’s real name), was there a time when you ever put on make up before?” Upon hearing the question, the members started to laugh with Taemin and Minho sharing a hug and Jonghyun clapping. Key seemed to be quite bothered by the question and let out a sigh.

Because Key was hesitant to answer, the members decided to answer for him and Jonghyun stated, “He even looks in the mirror and draws eyelines” to which Key quickly denied and said, “It’s not the eyeline, it’s just the eyelash!” to which the members burst into laughter once again. Minho then stated that one time Key was putting on BB Cream and was stating how great it was and Key seemed very curious on who made it. The members then shared that Key is quite fond of BB Cream. Key admitted that BB Cream is like currency to him and takes it with him everywhere.

Shortly thereafter, he shared the Lee Soo Man big forehead story which caused the members to burst into laughter again.

Additionally in the segment, the SHINee boys interacted with fans on the streets and Onew showed off his strong finger power by flicking a male fan on the forehead. They also enjoyed some Korean street food including a ham spam hot dog which they shared with a fan.

UPdate:Subbed Video
[120331] Guerilla Date with SHINee

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Thanks to Mia/mhn7700 for subbed video
 Kamsahamnida bb ^.~

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