Monday, March 12, 2012

Daniel Henney to make a big screen comeback

Actor Daniel Henney has announced that he will be making his big screen comeback!
Daniel Henney was recently cast in director Lee Myung Se‘s new action comedy film, ‘Mister K‘. In it, he will be playing the role of a vicious terrorist named Ryan who spares no life that crosses his path. The plot primarily revolves around Korea’s secret agent ‘Chul-soo’ who finds his wife, who doesn’t know his real identity, embroiled in one of his cases.
Since KBS‘s ‘Fugitive‘, Daniel Henney has been focusing on expanding his career in Hollywood. Now that he’s back and ready to return to the Korean big screen, he decided to team up with director Lee Myung Se, who he first met at a film ceremony in 2007.
Fans are definitely looking forward to how his usual gentlemanly charms will be downplayed to pull off his new cold and vicious character.
Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver

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