Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Super Junior’s Yesung makes a surprise visit into a chatroom. Did you ever wonder if your Idol bias visits chats?

Did you ever wonder if your Idol bias visits your favorite chatroom/box'???
Oh I remember so well the nights on CloudUSA we'd be gettin a lil'crazy and Terri would start making us even crazier with...."Careful! You never know!"
And we'd start lookin at the large amount of 'Anons' on the chat list who never really said much.
All of a sudden we'd switch from 'banana talk' (^.~) to "I pray for Rain and make kimchi"
We were CONVINCED that we'd better be good cause if JiHoon really was watching us we were sure he might not like all that banana talk!
Super Junior's Yesung has answered the question for us today.
And I'd be willing to bet that he's so NOT the only idol who does this!

Super Junior’s Yesung makes a surprise visit into a chatroom


Fans chatting in a particular chatroom were in for some luck as Super Junior‘s Yesung made a surprise entrance to one of his fansites.
On March 27th, the singer uploaded a proof-shot of his visit into the chatroom on his twitter account and wrote, “A sudden invasion while fanpage hopping! This is fun haha. Were you guys deceived your entire lives or something?
His proof-shot photo shows the singer greeting his fans in the chatroom with his username as “guest_snb”. Yesung’s first message on the chatroom said, “Hey yo!” to which the fans warmly greeted the “guest”. He then wrote, “I really just happened to visit by accident, so I’ll be looking around.” His last message read, “I’m not lying. I’m really Yesung.”
Unfortunately, the fans didn’t believe the singer as one wrote, “No way…
Upon seeing his proof-shot, netizens commented, “Your fan service is unique“, “I wish I was in that chatroom“, and “You should visit our fanpage!
Source: Yesung’s Twitter
Source: allkpop

Hhmmmmm I wonder who might visit My Music Radar!'s chat????
*peers at all the Anons*

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