Monday, March 26, 2012

INFINITE reveals teaser for ‘Second Invasion – Evolution

INFINITE has revealed the teaser for their encore concert!
On April 1st, the boys will be holding the ‘Second Invasion – Evolution‘ at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium in Seoul.
INFINITE has been a hit with every activity they’ve participated in lately, as not only did they sell out their first Korean concert, but also two concerts in Japan, as well as their encore concert.
As this encore concert, the boys will unveil a new song off of their May release, officials have put up high security measures to ensure that the song cannot get leaked prematurely. The members stated, “We’re practicing as if this is another of our first concerts, not an encore.”
To fulfill what lacked at their first concert last month, the boys are going above and beyond to come back with even more spectacular stages.
UPDATE: Woollim Entertainment has stated to allkpop that the event will be streamed live on YouTube on April 1st.
Check out the teaser for the Second Invasion below!
INFINITE Second Invasion Evolution Teaser

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