Monday, March 12, 2012

Taemin Immortal Song 2 - fanaccount and SPAM-A-PIC 120312

To read some fan accounts…
Patty Kim: “I’m upset while looking at you. Do you know why?”
Taemin: Yea, yea? ^^;;; (embarrassed)
Patty Kim: “Because you are prettier than me”
Patty Kim was not too generous in her comments on the contestants’ performances today, saying the arrangement isn’t good or a contestant should have sung with more force. But she said to Taemin, “To be honest, I didn’t know you sing so well when you are in the group, but you sang really well today. Of course you danced very well too… and you are even pretty, how come you are so shamelessly good… see, that you are prettier than most women makes me very upset~”
Taemin kept saying, “Thanks ^^;;” and Shin Dongyeop said,
“Yea~ right, (pointing to the audience) here are full of people who should be upset. Yea~”
Source: DC
English translation by jujugal
Fan account source:SHINee World Indonesia

Taemin leaving Immortal Song 2 120313
120313 smiling angel Taemin fancam after I$2 recording

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