Sunday, March 11, 2012

TEEN TOP’s Niel goes inside a huge balloon on ‘Star King’

Boy in a bubble????.....too cute! ^^
On the March 10th episode of SBS’s “Surprising Competition” special of Star King, TEEN TOP‘s Niel learned firsthand what it felt like to be inside a balloon.
Mr. Joplin, a man who performed in Japan for 13 years, displayed a variety of surprising balloon tricks, which included sticking his head inside a balloon and even going inside the balloon himself.
Inspired by his performance, Niel took up the challenge to also be submerged in a balloon, and with the help of fellow member Chunji and Mr. Joplin, Niel went inside a balloon himself. One inside the balloon, the idol commented that it felt cool and agreed that it was like being in a mother’s womb.
Afterwards, they made a hole for his head and Niel hopped around like a cute rabbit.
You can check out Niel’s entire balloon clip below:
120310 풍선 속에 들어갔다니엘..☆

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Source + Image: TVDaily

AiggoooOOoooo too funny and cute Niel >.<

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