Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SHINee picture with Tony Testa & SHINee medley News & Fan Accounts

SHINee with choreographer Tony Testa

SHINee to reveal a highlight medley of 7 songs in the album
in a video made with members' teaser images on 16th.
[sports chosun]

SHINee MV BTS Fan Account 1.
Observing from a corner, seeing everything unfold, it is as interesting as watching a comedy.
During (Sherlock’s) shooting break intervals, Onew sat in a corner dozing off (resting)

Taemin (went forward) “Hyung! Hyung! … Hyung?!…”

Not getting any reaction from Onew, seemingly something serious has happened, Taemin quickly ran towards Minho and Jonghyun who were standing at another corner chatting.

Minho “Hyung! Hyung! Wake up!”
(patted Onew’s shoulders but got no reaction from him)

Jonghyun “Hyung! Hyung! Hyung~~~!”
(shook Onew’s shoulders violently but Onew just wobbled around his seat - no further response from him)

Now, Kibum came

Key ” Hyung hyung hyung hyung hyung hyung…..”
(Singing in a “Lucifer” tune while knocking on his head along with the rhythm) (ouch)

Onew then slowly opened his eyes and turned his head around
“Can you all guys let me rest quietly?”

cr:답답해 (backstage staff)// kor-chi : moderato // eng-chi : soundtracklove@soompi

SHINee MV BTS Fan Account 2.
The entire filming atmosphere was really enjoyable, filled with laughter - especially from the five boys.

Other than the small episode (about Onew) that happened during the break intervals, (I can tell) that they are really close with one another. It seems that they have endless topics to talk about, chattering not stop.

Since I was really busy, I could only hear bits of their discussion : Minho was discussing about the secrets behind Chinese cuisine, Taemin was talking about souls leaving the body, Onew brought up the topic of picnic while Jongkey mentioned something about 3-tailed pigs and spotted pigs…everyone was discussing unrelated things. It’s surprising that they can hold their own conversation yet be so happy together.

This kind of scene is weird/ strange yet adorable.

No matter what they do, as long as they are in good relationship, it is still meaningful right? (S/N : A rhetorical question)

If only I was not that busy, I would love to interrupt them by adding (telling them) “Aren’t the things that you are discussing about not related with one another?”

In conclusion, everyone please support our shining shining boys! Sherlock Daebak!

cr:답답해 (backstage staff)// kor-chi : moderato // eng-chi : soundtracklove@soompi
Source:SHINee World Indonesia 1 & SHINee World Indonesia 2

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