Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NU’EST's Ren speaks out about 'Gender Confusion'

NU'EST member and maknae Ren who is pulling a 'gender confusion' because he looks prettier than a girl, has stated that these feedback on this issue were rather good.

He has recently said this at a Sports Seoul interview accompanied by the members of NU'EST to talk about their debut album.

A picture of him with blonde hair has surfaced online before debut and had male fans wondering "Is he a girl? Or a boy?" and he had heard many people saying"He looks like a girl" from people nearby. Ren said "These feedbacks were funny, and the fact that the people were curious about me".
He is also the only member in NU'EST to do nail art. When we asked him "Don't you look more feminine with the nail art?" he replied "I like stylish things, so it goes well with my appearance and that's why I started the nail art".
"I thought about being a singer in Middle School when I was in Busan. Even though my looks are very feminine I am very blunt and don't talk a lot." Ren concluded.
However, Rookie group NU'EST is currently busy promoting their debut song 'Face'.

Source: Sport Seoul
Article Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels
Translation Credits: Bunnhye @ Elite-Rebels

Source:Daily K Pop News

We fans think you are gorgeous!
I'm loving the new 'nail art' trend among the male idols!
Even Key has been indulging as seen in this pic
And of course FT Island's Hongki has been at this a while now!

Why is change so hard for some people????


  1. I don't think it really matter if he/she looks like a boy or girl because they like what girls wear and girls might like what boys wear so if it satisfies them then who cares. ITS THEIR DECISION!

  2. I loooooove Ren! Not as much as JR but Ren is definately second! ^_^ He's cute (even hot) as a boy and he would be drop dead gorgeous if he were a girl so any gender can be jealous of him! My friend is absolutely in love with him and I don't blame any one who is; I mean who can resist?

  3. Ren is my main bias in NU'EST, and reading this article definitely boosted that. Love Ren, he's awesome and not afraid to be different! He's stylish, talented and beautiful; who can resist him? ;)
    How about "Ren-ism" instead of "Rainism"? lol ^^
    NU'EST fighting!
    And I can't for their comeback! :D

    1. And I can't wait*
      Well, their comeback was-- no IS awesome, and I love all their new mv's ^^
      But I completely forgot I made up that "Renism" thing xD
      Thanks X3