Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hungry Kpop boys............I'm just sayin

 Okies friends and fans, originally I had this attached to the bottom of the
' Who’s the skinniest and heaviest among male idol groups? ' post.
However since I had been doing the research for this post for such a long time, I decided to finish it up and post it up for you anyway.
*dusts off my soapbox*
Been a while since you saw me up here right? ^^

I guess the netizens beat me at this one.
*trashes my 'Hungry kpop boys' folder.....*
From Stormy's 'Hungry Kpop Boys' folder
There are many kinds of hunger in the kpop world,
the hunger to win, to succeed, to learn a new dance step.
I'm talking here about actual hunger.
Many wake at night hungry.
ie Taemin waking Key in the middle
of the night to make him food,

Who feeds Taemin in the middle of the night?

Uploaded by on Mar 29, 2011
reupload from shakizi

"because taemin is always still growing up, he gets hungry easily. so he will wake those people who are asleep up to cook sea otter for him. because he's a friend i love so i will do it for him many times."

eng subs: hiyeom@tumblr.com
Infinite's Sungjong to this day hides food in bedroom.
As was seen during 'Sesame Player' Sungjong  hides food in his bag and draws in his bedroom. The members often tease him about his pre-debut days when the CEO wouldn't let him eat after 6PM.
(Sungjong actually lived with the CEO pre-debut)
 In this episode the boys take a little time off from practice and Leader Sunggyu orders some chicken for them, but is ultimatley caught by one of their managers who actually takes the food away from them. >.>
110727 Sesame Player S2 - Infinite Ep 6 [3/4] Eng Sub

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It seems to be common practice for idols to not eat after 6PM as when SHINee guested on 'Flower Boy Generation' and wouldn't eat the snacks the MC's bought for them.
(Eng) 090707 Flower 1/5

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Or maybe you remember during 'Hello Baby' filming when they were at the pension,
Key was seen eating an apple instead of the fabulous meat dinner.
SHINee Hello Baby Ep.10 4/5.wmv time mark 5:55

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Lastly I have this tweet from one of the Block B boys tweeting that despite being exhausted he is so hungry he can't sleep and dreams of the day he can eat all the food he wants.

Honestly I cried after reading this......my Omma heart just wants to feed all these poor hungry boys healthy food that wont make them fat or make their faces bloat.
Growing, exercising, dancing young boys need food for energy with all the intense practice they do.......not to mention the killer schedules they must follow.
I'm just saying.
This post is mine and DOES express my opinion!

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