Monday, March 19, 2012

[Music Bank Event 27] “SHINee” Comeback Stage! from KBS World

Global idol “SHINee” makes a grand comeback on “Music Bank” 
this Friday(March 23) with their 4th mini album "Sherlock"! 
And here is a special event for the Shawols around the world!!

 [ Tell SHINee what you want to see on their comeback stage ]

 All types of messages are welcome but please be specific and witty. ( e.g.> “Show us each member’s sexy waves", "Reveal your newest Aegyo poses". etc. )

 The winner will receive SHINee's autographed CD & winner’s name & message will be read by SHINee members!!!!

[How to Participate?]   

Visit KBS World Twitter ( and tweet us a message with hashtag "#kwevent.  We'll be collecting your messages until March 21, 10:00AM(KST, UTC+9)  
[Example of a Request]

[SHINee] Reveal your newest Aegyo poses! Good luck on the new album, SHINee! (Akiko/Japan) #kwevent


1) No Spamming please - Our staffs REALLY DO READ every single message. Please do not send us a same message more than once.  (Spammer’s message won’t be chosen!)

2)  Your twitter message must include your name, country and hashtag (#kwevent).

3)  Please follow @kbsworldtv before you participate in the event – We will contact the winner through Twitter direct message.  

[Winner Announcement]   

Event winner will be announced this Friday (March 23, 18:10/KST) on KBS World “LIVE Music Bank”!
Do not miss SHINee’s comeback stage on Music Bank “LIVE” on March 23rd!!
Source: KBS World

International Shawols!
Friends and Fans
Don't forget to keep up your Nate and Naver searches!
SHINee pulled another 'All-Kill' today! 
but we must keep up our support!
Need the Search Instruction again?
Here ya go!

How to Support SHINee on Hanteo/Gaon Charts + Music Shows

Lets help support SHINee!
 Do it when you can!
The searches are easy and could make a big difference to our boys!
Stormy ^.~

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