Thursday, March 29, 2012

SHINee Guerilla Date preview pics and fancams 120329 Bonus Taemin Video

120331 Guerilla air date 9:05pm KST KBS

[fancam] 120329 SHINee Jonghyun @ Gúérri||à Dàté recording

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credits: goodnightmoon
[MustWatch]l2O329 Too Beautiful for words -Taemin fancam @Gu3r!11a l)at3 R3c0rd!nG

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credit as tagged/never mention the show's name

Can't wait to see this!
Bonus Taemin Video - Just because its too damn cute not to post somewhere ^^
This boy will be the end of me >.<
120322 인기가요(Inkigayo) 사녹 - SHINee 퇴근

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