Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teen Top appear in Gwangju and paralyze a shopping district - Police involved

Police were dispatched in an incident brought about by Teen Top’s hot popularity. 

On the first (of February), a large number of fans gathered for Teen Top’s fan sign which was held at a CD shop in Gwangju’s Chungjang-ro, paralyzing the area.

Before the start of the fan sign event, fans gathered in a crowd outside the shop trying to catch a glimpse of Teen Top, and when the event was over, due to the fans who were gathered Teen Top had to stay inside the shop for approximately an hour.

While one area of Chungjang-ro was paralyzed, due to continuing grievances from the neighbouring shops and such disorder, eventually the police were summoned and after the surrounding throng of people were controlled and put in order, finally the Teen Top members were able to exit the CD shop where the fan sign had taken place.  The CD shop staff in charge of the fan sign proceedings said, “we’ve held many fan signs lately, but there has not been this kind of crowd,” and, “I was surprised by Teen Top’s popularity.” 

Meanwhile, Teen Top are aiming for the top of the K-Pop world with their title song “Crazy.”

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Source:Daily K Pop News

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