Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kangta, Gil, Baek Ji Young, & Shin Seung Hoon to serve as coaches on ‘Voice Korea’ - MMR Commentary

Prior to the pilot broadcast for ‘Voice Korea‘, Mnet aired a special called ‘Mnet Voice Korea V-Point’ on February 3rd to further heighten anticipation for the show.
The four coaches (Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta, and Leessang‘s Gil) each revealed what they’ll be looking for in the contestants.
Shin Seung Hoon emphasized vocal ability as well as individuality. “There is no absolute standard for music,” he said. “One may possess great vocals and receive a lot of love, but another may possess a distinct individuality that garners love as well. I’ll be looking at both simultaneously.”
Baek Ji Young revealed that she would be focusing her attention on the contestants’ understanding of the songs. “There is one factor that I’ll be looking for specifically. …Since we’ll have to decide on their voices, I think it’s important to look at how well they express themselves [through the song]. Expression and understanding [of the song] will be the main things I’m planning to look for.”
Gil added, “I will be looking for something unconventional. They can be a bit off rhythm. Their pitch can be a bit off. However, when they sing a song that they love, their love for the song must truly be conveyed. The ability to convey their emotions is as important as music itself.”
The final coach, Kangta, revealed that he agreed with Shin Seung Hoon on the importance of individuality. However, he added that a contestant’s potential was one of the key things he would take into account. “I’ll be picking those with individuality and potential. I want to meet someone who has their own unique color,” he said.
Catch the first episode of ‘Voice Korea’ on February 10th!
Source + Photo: TV Report
Okies I must admit, one of the few shows I watch on US TV is 'The Voice' because of course its a music show, but more than that, its ALL about the music and NOT the visuals, at least in the beginning. Last season was full of diverse multi-talented performers who became true artists. Though somewhat predictable (I picked Javier Colon to take the win on the first episode) the battles and coach performances were my favorite part.
My favorite on the show? Little 'Livin the Life' Vicci Martinez. What a little powerhouse! No one else could belt-out a song with the rough edgy vocals like my little Vicci. I screamed for her every week! My favorite performance of all on the show was with her coach Cee Lo Green. 'Love is a Battlefield' suited her perfectly!

The reason for my discourse today? I only hope that 'The Voice Korea' can follow 'The Voice USA' closely and not fall into their trap of 'scripted TV programing' that has recently been such a problem. 
With that said, I'm truly looking forward to Korea's take on the program that has been such a big win on programing in the states.


  1. The Voice of Korea ! - A MUST see ! Every Friday starting this week at 11 p.m. on Mnet! Don't miss it!

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