Friday, February 10, 2012

Block B welcome fans into their dorm on ‘Mnet Wide’

The boys of Block B welcomed fans into their living space!
Mnet Wide‘ recently visited the dorm of Block B and the members revealed some never-before-seen secrets to their dorm, including some surprising possessions belonging to ‘baby face’ member Taeil.
Though these talented idols are young, they pride themselves in being responsible. They complete their household chores, but know how to include some ‘hip hop’ to their every day routine.
And as professional performers, Block B rehearses day and night to perfect their moves for their next live performance.
Check out the clip below, and make sure not to miss leader Zico’s freestyle rap at the very end!
[CLIP] 120209 Mnet Wide News Dorm Attack

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Such adorkable boys, they're so real! 
I love following their chit chat on twitter.

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