Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Idol group TEEN TOP makes Shinhwa’s Andy cry

The boys of TEEN TOP caused Shinhwa‘s Andy to shed some emotional tears.
Andy who produced TEEN TOP apparently showed some tears after the boys won their first #1 K-Chart win on SBSInkigayo‘ back on February 5th. This was shortly after their previous #1 on KBSMusic Bank‘ on the 3rd.
With a recent interview with OSEN, TEEN TOP remarked, “It was our first #1 win since we debuted a year and a half ago. At our company dinner, Andy hyung told us that ‘this is just the beginning.’ We didn’t hear this until later, but he apparently shed tears while watching the broadcast.”
Neil added, “We were really excited as well, as we worked hard to achieve this win. It didn’t really sink in when we actually won, but to be honest, we knew that we may win a K-Chart win because “Going Crazy” was such a good song.”
“Going Crazy” is an energetic club song with an addictive melody written by hitmaker Brave Brothers, and has stirred interest from the public as TEEN TOP made a fierce transformation for the track.
Congratulations once again to TEEN TOP!
Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

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