Monday, February 27, 2012

Infinite's 'Japan Story' Days 5 - 7 - Subbed - Bonus Video

Oh this is the sad one friends and fans....I won't ruin it but get the tissues ready!

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INSPIRIT 을 위한 INFINITE Present Last Part
INFINITE의 달콤한 마지막 선물 받아가세요~ See U next time
Feb 28(tue) infinite making 5-6day

Poor Dongwoo!!!! Crying so hard! Aigooooo...
Sad also because this is the end of 'Japan Story' T_T
I sure have enjoyed it a lot!
*goes back to listen to Sungjong and his dolphin noises*

How much do we love that they took the time to hard sub this for International fans!
Make sure to thank them! Not often does this happen!
 INFINITE MAKING 5-7 on Youtube

And here is your Bonus Video Infinite's performance from 
last month on The KISS - Korean International Style Show

Infinite - Be Mine

Uploaded by on Feb 26, 2012

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