Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy One Monthsary to B.A.P.! Pictures & Video 120227

Hard to believe these boys debuted only 30 days ago!
Enjoy this awesome fanmade video compiling 22 appearances into 1!
B.A.P - Warrior 22 in 1 Live Compilation

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So well done! AND! Dance Break!
Why YES! Yes! yes! I DO like 'the blonde one'! ^.~

Undoubtedly though Jello is my precious...

Of course lets not forget......Teh BunneeeehhhHHH!

Have a few Jello pics, cause I'm good like that, cause I'm a good 'Baby'  ^.~
Fanart? Gotcha covered!
And one last macro...

Look forward to their comeback with Secret I have heard....
[Eng/Rom] B.A.P - Secret Love HD MV (Cut from TADAH It's B.A.P Ep 8)

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digidigidum digidigidum!!!!

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