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Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo to star in ‘The Miracle’ & 22-Year-Old Kim Bum Suffers from Arthritis Following Drastic Weight Loss

Actors Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo will be starring in a new movie called ‘The Miracle‘.
‘The Miracle’ has been receiving widespread attention, as it boasts a unique fantasy thriller scenario.
Kim Kang Woo will be starring as Yang Chun Dong, a criminal investigator who also sells water purifiers. Being a passionate detective, Yang Chun Dong is especially interested in cases involving missing children and believes it has something to do with kidnapping and murder.
On the other hand, Kim Bum plays the role of a young graffiti artist who Yang Chun Dong suspects of being the criminal. Kim Bum’s character has painted various art works from his toddler to adult years, all portraying different concepts and ideas.
‘Miracle’ was directed by Kwon Ho Young, who’s famous for his 2009 film, ‘Parallel Life‘.  ’Miracle’ will be released some time in March this year.
Source + Photos: Osen

22-Year-Old Kim Bum Suffers from Arthritis Following Drastic Weight Loss
by: hotshotlover30
It’s been revealed that actor Kim Bum (22) has been suffering from degenerative arthritis. A representative of his management agency stated, “Ever since his drastic weight loss, Kim Bum has been suffering from knee arthritis.” Kim Bum had lost 11kg (~25 pounds) for his latest role in drama, JTBC’sPadam Padam…The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats.”
During the drama’s press conference last November, Kim Bum revealed, “I lost 11kg for my role in the series. The character that I was to play wasn’t the type who had any excess body fat. Therefore, I started working out before we began filming.”
To get into character, Kim Bum went through a rigorous workout program. Additionally, he was involved in a car accident in 2009 and suffered some minor injuries. The culmination of the excessive exercise, drastic weight loss, and past accidents most likely factored into Kim Bum’s current condition.
A source close to Kim Bum expressed, “We’re worried because he’s been diagnosed with arthritis at a young age. We will be extra careful and attentive with his treatment.” 

Exciting movie news for Kim Bum!
Much sympathy for Kim Bum's illness, 
since I have suffered the same and wouldn't wish this pain on anyone.

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