Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Breaking News] Onew not able to attend 'Paris Music Bank' due to injury! SHINee Pics & Video

At last some credible news concerning Onew's no show in Paris.
According to Star News as announced by Jonghyun and Minho  at the press conference Onew injured his ankle and is unable to attend.
Jonghyun "The meek ​​injured ankle can not stand on the stage," said "was not there to greet you with great sadness," he said. Following "The next stage in Europe in five people stand on stage together," he said.

Well at least we have some news 

A first look inside!


Airport arrival in Paris - Volume down for fan screams!
Arrivée de Beast, U-Kiss, T-ara, Sistar et SHInee (Jeudi 07 fevrier 2012) CDG2

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The Crowds
The Stage

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