Saturday, February 11, 2012

Taemin's Immortal Song 2 performance 120211 - A Heavenly Performance

[120211] SHINee Taemin - 도시여 안녕 (Goodbye City)

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credits : 하내빛 shakizi

Let me bask in the glow of that cap for just a minute more...
because I am about to eat my words of a few weeks ago...
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Okay "I was wrong"
And I have never been happier to admit it in my life.
Taemin has proven without a doubt he is a world class dancer and now singer.
This performance first had me open mouthed
second, sobbing
third, cheering like crazy.
All he needed in that pose captured above was wings,
for this was truly a heavenly performance.
How could I possible love him more right now?
l2O2ll Taemin winning over Lee Jung + talk cut @!mm0rtal $0ng 2

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Good for you baby!
You deserved this win, 
because I know you have been working your little SHINee  heart out for this!
Saranghae Taeminnie Saranghae

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Update: Awesome fancam!
l2Ol3O Taemin 'Goodbye City' full fancam @!$2 recording

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Update: Video with subs - Thank you Jujugal!
[eng] 120211 Taemin Goodbye City

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[eng] I2o2II Taemin Talk & Result

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  1. Omg, Taemin that was beautiful. Your singing and danceing was just beautiful!!!!!

  2. well done taemin!! I'm anticipating your next performance!!!