Friday, February 10, 2012

2MIN in Paris - Pics - Video - Fan Account - 120208 - 09

I can't even remember how long its been since I could do a 2Min post!
Must have been because they were in Paris ^^
【TWOMINation】120208 Music Bank in Paris - 2min moments during the ending

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【TWOMINation】120208 Music Bank Paris 2min talk

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Ahhh my 2min heart ^^
I think Russia was the last time I saw any real 2Min!

[Fan Account] Music Bank in Paris - 2min

1. At the end of the concert, 2min kept whispering to one another with Jonghyun standing in the middle. hehe

2. Minho and Taemin held their hands but it was very slightly and briefly.

3. Minho frequently looked at the 2min’s lightboard and even gestured to Taemin to look at it with him.

4. In the entire concert arena, 2min’s lightboard was the only lightboard and it was exceptionally bright so Taemin and Minho kept looking at that direction.

5. When both of them moved around, Taemin would walk in front while Minho will place his hands on Taemin’s hips to guide him to move forward. There is a sense of closeness between them

Origin : MEZ (2minbar) // Chi-Trans : 萱萱 // Eng-Trans : soundtracklove @ soompi

Image credits : MEZ (2minbar) // reupload : soundtracklove@soompi