Monday, February 13, 2012

TEEN TOP proves to be a favorite idol group amongst today’s hottest female Hallyu stars

Boy group TEEN TOP seems to be the favorite idol group amongst today’s hottest female Hallyu stars.
It all started last year when singer Lee Hyori completed a photo shoot with TEEN TOP last year, and selected the boys as the idol group she would like as a younger partner.
Wonder Girls member Sohee sang praises for the boys saying, “I am most interested in seeing the stage performances of TEEN TOP,” while the members of miss A admitted that they were also fans, even suggesting a possible joint performance.
T-ara‘s Hyomin went as far as to admit that she thought member Niel was cute, stirring interest from fans and netizens everywhere.
And most recently, legendary singer Uhm Jung Hwa admitted on SBS Power FMChoi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘ on February 9th, “I like TEEN TOP. I think they are really cute these days.”
Why do you think TEEN TOP has such a broad appeal to the hottest female Hallyu stars?
Source & Image: MyDaily

Much love for my Teen Top babies!

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