Monday, February 20, 2012

Infinite's Second Invasion - Special Videos 120212

Today  I'm bringing you a few special videos from Infinite's 'Second Invasion' Concert.
The first 2 are concert video breaks titled 'The Couple Game'.
120212 INFINITE Couple Game pt.1- Choosing Partners @SECOND INVASION

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120212 INFINITE Couple Game pt.2- Pepero/Post-it/Paper Games @SECOND INVASION

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Awwww who doesn't love a good game of  'Suck & Blow'? ^.~
In comparison, this next video is a little heart breaking,
remember from Sesame Player when Sungyeol found the family
picture of Hoya with the note promising his family he would
not come home until he was a success?
I suspect thats what is behind all the emotion from
the normally stoic Hoya. Poor baby T_T
120212 Hoya cried during Second Invasion concert T__T

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"My dream was to be a singer."

"There was no one around supporting me in the beginning."

"But now, all these people are encouraging me like this"

"I'm really, so thankful. From now on, we will become an INFINITE that works even harder, and becomes even bigger singers worldwide."

"Thank you."

Hoya quotes posted by chocokat12 on YouTube

*Passing out tissues*
Enjoy! ^.^

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