Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[news] Some SHINee Fans Pass Out at Music Bank in Paris

When the first part ended with SHINee’s performance, some fans who got too excited fainted during the 20 minute break. Four female fans fainted after the last performance of the first part and were carried to an emergency car outside for treatment.
Fans cheered more heartily for SHINee, whose performance was made only with 4 members due to Onew’s injury, as they had performed before in Paris as part of the SM Town Concert.
The local fans’ response to SHINee’s performance was explosive. SHINee’s Onew were absent due to his ankle injury, and the 4 members performed on stage. The 4-member SHINee heated up with Replay, Love Like Oxygen, and Hello and then drove the audience wild with Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer.
Some fans were carried by an ambulance to a hospital after passing out too excited by SHINee’s performance. A staff member said, “SHINee’s fans cried, got too much excited and even fainted.”
Trans by jujugal

Source:Subbing SHINee

WOW!!! Hope everyone is okay!

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