Friday, November 18, 2011

A Very SHINee Day - SHINee Interview from London - SHINee 2012 Calender pics! SHINee Etude Video! subbed!

While it may be very cloudy here, its a very SHINee day when ever we have SHINee News!
Key has been teasing about a new SHINee Korean album for months and today's interview is no exception.
lllll5 ABC Special Ent News SHINee in London [English Subbed]

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Now for some pics! I adore these 2012 Calender

Other Pics!
A little 2Min anyone? ^.~

Taemin sexy pose

 Etude Video
빛나는 샤이니~ ETUDE의SWEET한~ 촬영현장 최초공개!

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산다라박과 함께 ETUDE의 SWEET한 이야기들을 전해줄 새로운 모델은?
바로~ 빛나는 샤이니입니다~

달콤한 촬영 현장에서 만난 샤이니에게 들어본
'나~ 이런 메이크업에 완전 꽂혀!'부터~
미공개된 SWEET한 샤이니 표정연기까지~ 최초 공개!

앞으로 샤이니의 SWEET한 에뛰드 이야기~


Enjoy this SHINee spam a lot! ^.^ 
Ahhh my friend Mia, as always thanks for the subbed video tip!

lllll8 Etude House SWEET PLAY SHINee Shooting BTS [English Subbed]

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THIS is what happens when I clean and shop for 2 days lol
Most of today's post and or pictures have been sitting in 'draft form'
on my 'things to post' list for days!
And I still have at least 5 more!
Anyway...Enjoy a lot! ^.^


  1. Cute pose, cute pose! Lol... I love watching them talk. Too cute. Love the calendar pics! Taemin always does the hip slung pose... see him do it w/ the guitar tooo... heheh

  2. You're right Diba! I was so busy trying to play catch-up I didn't notice!
    So Silly me lol!