Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Super Junior’s Shindong and AA’s Woosang reunite backstage - PLUS AA SPAM-A-PIC!

AA and Super Junior‘s Shindong snapped a photo together.
Member Woosang tweeted, “It’s been so long since I’ve been with Shindong-hyung. Now, he is not a hyung, but a sunbae. Thank you for taking care of me until the end of that day.”
The members and Shindong met backstage during Music Bank‘s latest episode.
Woosang and Shindong have known each other since 2007, when Woosang was a choreography director for Super Junior’s “Rokkugo“, “Don’t Don“, and “Thirst (A Man in Love)“.
On that day, Shindong saw Woosang, congratulated him on his debut, and gave him advice about his new life as a singer.
Woosang said, “It feels like a dream to converse with such a sunbae in the same dressing room. I’m so happy that all my dreams are finally coming true. I am thankful of Super Junior, who made me who I am today. I will become a great singer and a hubae to be proud of.”
Source: OSEN

As if I needed another reason to love AA,
Woosang is well connected to the SMFamily through Super Junior.
Not to mention Woosang is a truly talented dancer and choreographer!^^

As promised here comes the SPAM-A-PIC!
I adore how AA keeps us all updated with tons of twitpics ^^
(plus I need to clean off my desktop again >.<)

Woosang and puppy just might be a bit of cuteness overload! >.<
Enjoy a lot! ^.^

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