Friday, November 18, 2011

AA’s Kimchi and Aoora holding hands? Related photos AA SPAM-A-PIC!

AA members Kimchi and Aoora caused fans to melt over a new photo they shared through AA’s official me2day page.
On November 17th, the boys wrote, “Each step together! Hand in hand. We just completed an interview and are off to our next location. What is everyone else up to right now?”
Fans gushed over the photo, especially since Aoora is the group’s oldest member and Kimchi is the youngest. Their color-coordinated outfits only added to the cuteness factor.
Netizens commented, “Hyung takes good care of his dongseng“, “This is so cute, I can’t take it!”, and “You guys are working hard ^^ Fighting!
In related news, AA is currently promoting their new song, “Because I’m Crazy“.
Source & Image : OSEN

This pairing is just squeeeeee!
I have to dig the related pics off my 2 terabyte drive so, please,
wait just a little while! ^.^
Okies.....Ready for AA SPAM-A-PIC?
Here ya gooooo!!!

 Aoora doesn't let maknae wander too far o.O
The point is...Their hands

Cute cute Kimchi! aka 'side dish' ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ
LOVE that nicname 'side dish' makes me giggle and squeeee!
 Everyone loves the maknae! Even Woosang is not immune! LOL!

 Kimchi with Joowon

 Enjoy a lot! ^.^


  1. What Is Aoora And Kimchi couple name?

  2. Hi there Anon, mostly I have seen them called AooChi. They are so adorable!