Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[Breaking News Video] SHINee has a rough time at Heathrow Airport!

Just in, few details...will Update!
SHINee Arrive at Heathrow 01/11/11 FanCam

Uploaded by on Nov 1, 2011

Fancam of SHINee arriving in Heathrow Airport London - 01/11/11

Uploaded by on Nov 1, 2011
Here is my fancam to clear up the rumours set by my tweet earlier this evening about Jonghyun geting tripped a little by a fan.
With my own eyes, I saw the girl fall on him, no idea from her own force or some one else's, but he didn't fall, get tackled whatever.
You can't see clearly in this cam, but it happened around 1:25 onwards for a GLIMPSE.
Do not spread rumours of broken bones, etc, it is no right.
AND PLEASE no more hate towards me, all I did was tweet he tripped a little at @livelovelucy check if you don't believe me. I was actually more hurt than any SHINee member.

I'm so glad the boys appear to be okay but really, I'm speechless right now.
I'm not judging, I'm just gonna say, I'm so happy nothing like this happened in NYC.


  1. Pardon my French but I don't give a shit I'M JUDGING! I am PISSED. OFF. after having watched those cams!!!!
    Fine, so no one broke bones or tripped Jong or whatever, but that was so fucking embarrassing to watch idek >.< Are they trying to get them to leave though a vip exit the next time?!
    Immature brat bastards.

    lol I did mention I'm a bit ticked off right now, right??? And I have to sleep in two secs. Great. I'll go punch my pillow >_<

    If they've scared them off...

  2. I totally understand, believe me! I'm really shocked, Tae did look scared by the end and Jjong even got back off the elevator because Key, Taemin and Onew get caught up! *sigh*
    I wonder if they were thinking "New York New York"
    I'm so freakin proud of the NYC fans right now!