Saturday, November 19, 2011

Teen Top win Rookie Award at ’18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards’

On November 19th, the ‘18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards‘ ceremony was held at the Goyan Aram Nuri Arts Center where Teen Top and Girl’s Day won the Best Male and Female Rookie Award!
Regarding their win, Teen Top uploaded the above photo and tweeted, “Yahoo! we won the rookie award!! We are so happy!! We will try even harder and harder from now on!
Netizens congratulated the boys with, “Wow that’s awesome! I feel like I won the award too! I can’t wait for your Japanese concert!“, “Congratulations! Next up are the daesangs and bonsangs, fighting!!!“, and “Congratulations~~I’ll pray that you get a bigger award next time“.

Teen Top

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Yahhh! Teen Top News!
Babies are growing up!

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