Sunday, November 27, 2011

Billboard Kpop Masters Concert 2011 - The Red Carpet - Press Conference

 Okies, here you will find fun videos like Lee Joon surprising interviewers with his english!
Joonie is too adorable here...I can't even >.<

KPop Masters Press Conference - MBLAQ

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EAST COAST REPRESENT! okay its Boston....still
The Red Carpet of Billboard KPOP Masters Las Vegas

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Awkward but lots of english!
KPOP Masters Press Conference - B2ST and G.Na answers a question

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[FANCAM]11/25/2011 TVXQ Red Carpet

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[FANCAM]11/25/2011 MBLAQ Red Carpet

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I'm adding this video here....mostly cause I can >.<
And cause their english is so cute ^.~
[Fancam] Mblaq Introduction at Billboards Kpop Masters 11/25/11

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Hope you enjoyed all the videos! 
I hope a pic post will follow but this stuff was already hard to find...and I'm in the states >.<


  1. LOOL That was some random English in that intro video :DD
    And wtf where was SHINee on that red carpet?? >O

  2. SHINee was not there for the Red Carpet on the 1st day, they were still doing SHINee World in Osaka. Slept on the plane and arrived just in time to do the 2nd show in Las Vegas. At least I hope they got some sleep....