Wednesday, November 9, 2011

T-ara Releases Cry Cry Music Video

The wait is finally over, Cry Cry is here! This is a very powerful, and long music video, so perhaps go make some popcorn before you watch it. It's not just a music video, it's a movie.

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This video is only half of the story, T-ara will be releasing part 2, Lovey-dovey, at some point in the future. I hope soon!

This video was much more mature than their previous works. It is the tale of a girl who sees her father shot and killed. Ten years later, a shocking truth is revealed to her when a man who escaped from her house on the night of her father's murder is brought back into her life. It's hard for me to understand all of what's going on with my very, very, limited grasp Korean, but the story still stands on it's own even if you don't know any Korean at all.

The song in and of itself is amazing, it sends chills down my spine just listening to it. I can't wait for the next part to released!

-stormoftara :3

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