Friday, November 4, 2011

I got your RED HOT NEW Jongkey right here! SHINee leaving Heathrow Airport! 111104 - MAJOR UPDATE 111105

OMO Key!
SO possessive!

AND there is video!
Biding farwell to Shinee, Heathrow, London 04.11.11

Uploaded by on Nov 4, 2011

ALSO I have seen accounts that "Jonghyun and Key came out of the hotel in Kate Middleton and Prince William masks. Key was Kate, naturally."
Indeed they appear to be wearing masks!
Jongkey, once again making a statement without saying a word.
Oh my heart!

Updated 111105 with hotel video!
The video is so dark but yu can clearly see the Kate and William masks!
SHINee leaving their hotel in London

Uploaded by on Nov 5, 2011
A few twit pics! Jjong was clearly happy and having fun!

Jongkey never fails to entertain!
Enjoy a lot! ^.^
Best Jongkey ever!!!

THIS....this is the reality we wanted all along Jongkey....

Yet another update...
Okay so a ton of these shopped pics are showing up around the interwebz, most are kinda creepy, but this one is not too bad, Jongkey is now being called "The Royal Couple of Kpop"


  1. OMG I can't believe they wore those mask LMAP JongKey FTW indeed :D

  2. It's just sooOOoo typically Jongkey! At first I thought Jjong might be sick again because of the way Key was clinging to him but no, just turns out its Jongkey doing their thing. LOL!!!
    Oh how I adore them ^^