Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards Performances - Super Junior - SNSD - Aziatix - Black Eyed Peas - B2ST - Pics and Vids!

Oh what a show!!!!

Best performance of the show!
This stage just gets bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!!!
Super Junior wins Album of the YEAR!
Male Group Artist Award!!
AND and Singapore Choice Award!!!
Oh my Supermen! ROCKED THE SHOW!
Super Junior - Super Man + Mr. Simple

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 Shindong wept...
Best Male Group - Super Junior

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Album Of The Year - Mr. Simple (Super Junior)

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 Not a dry eye in the house....or in the Storm House.....T_T
111129 MAMA 2011: Super Junior won Singapore's Choice Award

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Congratulations my SUPERMEN!!!

Next Best!!!!
Artist of the YEAR!
Female Group Artist Award! 
SNSD - The Boys

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Best New Asian Artist Group Award!!!!!!
20111129 Best New Asian Award Group - AZIATIX

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SMFamily kicked ass and took names!
Congrats to ALL the winners!!!
In Honor of the Hallyu Wave My Music Radar! 
sends much love and happiness to ALL the winners!!!!
Stormy ^.^
Bonus Video:
Black Eyed Peas 2/3

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Black Eyed Peas 3/3

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Okies I gotta admit this was a pretty performance...
pretty SHOCKING! I'm surprised this was aired!
Not that I'm complaining...oh no! I LOVED it!
111129 MAMA Beast (B2ST) & Trouble Maker - Fiction Orchestra Version

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Bite me ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ
Aziatix all day!!!!
Dragon Dance
Biggest stage of ALL!!!
100 back up dancers!!!

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