Wednesday, November 2, 2011

M! Countdown 111103 cancels broadcast this week due to SIA and server issues

Mnet‘s music program ‘M! Countdown‘ has announced that they will not be broadcasting this week due to time-overlap with an awards ceremony. They’re also experiencing server issues with its voting system.
The following message was posted on M! Countdown’s official website:
“Hello, this is M! Countdown.
We’re leaving a couple messages below.

1.  Reason for no broadcast.
We’re notifying you that next week’s M! Countdown (11/3) will not be broadcast due to the SIA (Style Icon Awards). The next broadcast of M! Countdown will be next Thursday on 11/10.
2.  Revision of voting system due to problems with the site’s server and foreign fan votes
Due to a server error, the global fan voting site did not list all 50 songs. Though we attempted to fix the problem caused during the break (31st), the time for the votes to be counted passed, so votes by foreign fans for albums will unfortunately not be included. We ask for your understanding.”
Check back with us for coverage updates on the ’2011 Style Icon Awards’ later on.
Source: mnet


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