Monday, March 5, 2012

Taemin Immortal Song 2 - Subbed Video from 120303 MC Shin....

MC Shin....your bias is showing...
This video is so full of win! Its hard to know where to begin!
MC Shin's obvious love for Taemin?
The Tae Brothers?
Oh just enjoy the 15 minutes of bliss brought to you by

Uploaded by on Mar 4, 2012

AND in case you think MC Shin just fell in love with Taemin,
maybe you remember this little incident from 2010...
nooooo this crush has been going on for quite a while....
Need the video? Gotcha covered! Starts at time 8:15 but please enjoy the whole video
as its one of SHINee's best 2010 moments while Onew MC's

Uploaded by on Jan 24, 2011



  1. The facts that Juju's back is making me wanna cry on all the things ;~; Too bad she's going back on semi hiatus orz

    Btw can't say a single thing about my baby without wanting to cry some more, I'm so damn proud of him ;A;

  2. Mia! *glomps*hands tissues* I know! He is doing better than I ever expected! He just gets better and better every week ^^
    Juju is the best!