Thursday, July 19, 2012

INFINITE for Cosmopolitan - Interview & Photoshoot - BTS Video

“We want to stay together as seven”

INFINITE participated in a sporty photo shoot as well as an interview for the August edition of Cosmopolitan.
The members are currently dealing with a busy schedule due to their upcoming 5-day concert starting on August 8th. When asked whether they were tired from concert preparations and their otherwise hectic schedule, the INFINITE members stated that they received a lot of strength from fans. Tickets for the concert sold out in 15 minutes.
During the interview, Hoya commented on leader Sunggyu, who’s been receiving attention for his powerful vocals and variety skills, “He is an amazing leader with a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. Even if his pronunciation may be off sometimes.Sungjong added, “He used to be scary when we were trainees, but not anymore. As leader, he tries to brighten up the mood at times by making jokes, but sometimes his jokes get out of hand and affect tempers.
Woohyun discussed the members’ attitude about dating: “It’s difficult for all of us because we’re not the types to go up and talk to someone first. Although we may be at the age [to want to be in relationships], we’re just too busy. We’re enduring with the love from our fans.
The INFINITE members also unanimously agreed that they each have the same dream, “We hope to always stay as seven and grow as musicians [together].
The full interview will be revealed in the August edition of Cosmopolitan.
Sources: allkpop & DAUM

UPdate: BTS Video
INFINITE at Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

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