Saturday, July 21, 2012

SHINee World Concert II - The Venue - The Merchandise - SPAM-A-PIC 120721

First pics have been streaming in via my tweet peeps, so here is a preview.
OH! And I just now heard that SHINee was taking a brief break to run over and visit MBLAQ's concert! Joonie and Onew??? Anyone?

WANT!!! So freakin BAD!
Also WANT!
Seating chart

Inside the venue - about an hour till showtime
Many thanks to all my Tweet Peeps!
You're rockin my world rn!
Also I'm all jelly o.O

The VCR's have started playing!
Many SMFamily have come to support SHINee!
EXO leaving SME
Also attending - TVXQ's Changmin, GG's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal!
Gotta love SMFamily!
The concert has begun, behold the ocean of pearl aqua lights!
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Just heard Yoogeun is in attendance!
유근이!!!!!!!아ㅠㅠㅠㅠ개귀여워 진심ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ아가ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ이뻐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ... on Twitpic
The concert has started with 'Get down!'
 Credit EXO DC
Second song was Amigo (Taemin wearing his half shirt)
followed by Juliette and now SHINee World!
 SHINee Intros now
SHINee sang Always Love, Hello, then VCR played now singing Replay
 Surprise Fan Light Event Guide
Minho is now performing his solo stage
Now Onew's solo - someone heard him singing 'Desperado' during rehearsals
Onew singing an English song for solo stage
Onew wearing bowtie and glasses, waving arms around even after music stopped (credit bunnydeul)
Key GaGa is now performing with a toy gun (sounds like his 'Hair - Judas" solo)
Taemin perform his 'Shut Up & Get Up' solo stage
Jonghyun performing solo stage - he has tattoos on his back and opened his shirt
 Tattoos are the names of his fansites
Now Jonghyun and Taemin metal/rock duet (gaahhhhh!!! want video NOW T_T)
Jonghyun just grabbed Taemin by the hair and tried to kiss him! (credit shineesherlock)
(0.0 HOMG!!! Need Fancams!!!!!)

After Seesaw, Sherlock is performed
Next up is Love Like Oxygen
Amazing Grace and then Jonghyun's special stage 'Y Si Fuera Ella'
Stranger is now being performed
SHINee now wearing black & red outfits (cr:onkeycn)
Next up is Ring Ding Dong rock version!
Lucifer rock version
Emotional VCR about their debut and journey (cr:bunnydeul)
They are crying so hard they can't sing so Shawols are helping (T_T)
Singing 'The Name I Love'
Shawols are chanting "SHINees back"! for encore

1.Jonghyun's temporary tattoos were one of the main highlight of the day. They should be the names of his major korean fansites. And 'IDEAL BOY' is inked in the most important position 2. The VCR that was played a while ago shows the journey SHINee has been through since their debut days (Or maybe even earlier?), and upon watching that, all the member cried. 3. The concert is about to end soon, everyone is bowing and saying "Thank you"s. 4. Apparently the main and biggest highlight of today's show is Jongtae's duet. And it also attracted a lot of attention.

Credits: @人人都想红那我就变绿吧
120721 Shawols chanting for encore
SHINee World Concert In Seoul big screen showed video clip of SHINee from their debut till todate, 5 lads cried, the word "SHINee"was formed below the stage and all the lightsticks turned white. Credits: una0206
minho & taemin cried til their nose turned red, they cried non stop,shawols cried together with them,staffs were emotional top cr:VioletOet
"SHINee World Concert II" has officially ended... they sang "One" as the last song

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